Nothing but immersive sound and silence

Is it possible to enhance the transparency of audio playback so much that you end up hearing nothing but the pure original sound? Without the interference of ambient noise, humming or distortion? For years now, Gerd Köck has been electrified by this question.

His vision has always been an audio system reduced to the bare essentials – and which, for that exact reason, delivers a perfect sound experience. He’s invested an amazing amount of time and energy into this dream of his. And even he is blown away by the result.

“Art Deco provides the perfect framework for sound with its forms, materials and sensuality.”

Clear sound. Classic design.

For over ten years, Gerd has been working on creating loudspeaker systems and amplifiers for the most demanding requirements of mastering and sound studios. Early on, he discovered the potential of high efficient loudspeaker drivers and electron tubes assembled in high strength aluminum enclosures. Even the first prototypes reached a transparency surpassing anything available on the market. The technical foundation for ART DÉCO ACOUSTICS has now been born:

“A focus on the absolute minimum number of essential components, all of the highest quality”

Gerd wanted this simplicity and efficiency to be reflected in the system’s look, too. Which is why he began looking for a design to support the speakers and amplifiers in achieving the best possible playback. He found what he was looking for in the Art Deco era: Timeless forms, classy materials and sensual elegance create the perfect framework for extraordinary sound.

The result: Gerd now presents ART DÉCO ACOUSTICS, an audio system that re-defines the meaning of sound and design.