Clear structure.
Intense power.

The heart of the audio system is the stereo push-pull amplifier. Six electron tubes, symmetrically arranged, unfold their full potential. The result: an amazing level of transparency and linearity with no ambient noise whatsoever.

Design Criteria

Full symmetrical design

with triode preamp and ultralinear pentode power stage – Only 11 components per channel in the signal path – Low local negative feedback in the preamp and power stage

Isolation of audio paths

Full galvanic isolation of audio paths with in and out transformers

Attenuator in preamp and power stage

Fine attenuator in the preamp and coarse attenuator in the power stage

Edgeless milled enclosure

including top side and side walls with dished vertical grooves to disperse secondary acoustic reflections

Supervision with microcontroller

Supervision, control and RC with microcontroller, carefully separated from audio path – Biasing of electron tubes, short circuit safety check with shutdown

External worldwide analog power supply

with complete supervision of – Primary voltage, current and frequency – All internal voltages and currents

Inaudible ambient noise

Thanks to the use of electron tubes as amplifying elements plus an optimized external power supply unit, no noise nor humming can be heard.

Refined conversion

With just one semiconductor component in the audio signal path, the D/A converter enables a high-quality conversion of the digital audio stream via the XLR AES/EBU input.


Stereo push-pull amplifier based on electron tubes
in an edgeless milled aluminum enclosure

  • Stereo sound: 14 – 40 W output power per channel (6L6 – KT150)
  • Stereo inputs XLR: analog and digital AES/EBU (extendible to 4 inputs)
  • Speakon speaker outputs: Two 4/8 ohm outputs per channel

Thanks to the outstanding quality and design of the device, headphones can be plugged directly into the amplifier parallel to the loudspeaker outputs.

The changeable electron tubes can suffer from wear out. The E20 constantly self-checks for wear out and sends an alert when changes become necessary.